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Offa’s Dyke Heritage – 23rd March 2018

Offa’s Dyke Heritage – New Research on the Heritage of Offa’s Dyke and other Linear Earthworks, 10.30–17.00, 23rd March 2018, The Offa’s Dyke Centre, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1EN

The third meeting of the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory explored the heritage conservation, management and interpretation of Offa’s Dyke and other linear earthworks of the Anglo-Welsh borderlands. Held at the Offa’s Dyke Centre, Knighton, the day was introduced by the Centre’s Dave McGlade, and comprised of 8 original research papers and a concluding discussion. A Twitter moment has been created for the workshop here, and archaeologist and illustrator John G. Swogger – one of our speakers – has written up his reflections on the day here.

Welcome – Dave McGlade (Offa’s Dyke Centre)

Offa’s Dyke by Numbers – André Berry (HaygarthBerry Associates)



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Archaeological Earthworks & Visitor Carrying Capacity: Proactive Versus Inactive Management – Dave McGlade (Offa’s Dyke Centre)



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Wat’s the Problem? The Challenges of Caring for Offa’s and Wat’s Dykes at National Trust Sites – Kathy Laws (The National Trust)

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Managing Linear Earthworks as Heritage Assets – Liam Delaney (Herefordshire County Council)



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Recent Revelations from the Lancaut Peninsular – Andrew Blake (Wye Valley AONB)


Making Earthworks Visible: The Example of the Oswestry Heritage Comics Project – John G. Swogger (Archaeological Illustrator)



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Community Stewardship of Mercian Monuments Project (CoSMM) – Ian Mackey (Field Archaeologist) and Mel Leggatt (University of Birmingham)



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Offa’s Dyke’s Death Heritage – Howard Williams (University of Chester)



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The day was a successful event with an audience of 30 and a range of interesting new ideas, initiatives and projects presented.

The Collaboratory wishes to thank Dave and his staff and volunteers at the Offa’s Dyke Centre for welcoming us. Thanks also to Rachel Swallow and the University of Chester, the speakers and audience for their insights and suggestions.

Here is an image gallery of the speakers in action!



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Andre Berry

Ray Bailey

Frances Bagnall

Mel Barge

Maria Boyle-Morgan

Will Davies

Liam Delaney

Rob Dingle

Ian Dormor

Dick Finch

Fiona Grant

Bill Klemperer

Kathryn Lewis

David McGlade

Astrid Mick

John Morgan

Jane Napier

John Napier

Keith Ray

Jim Saunders

Michael Skese

Mary Skese

Chris Smith

Rebecca Smith

Freya Swogger

John G. Swogger

Howard Williams

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